Colgate Hum Kids Battery Powered Smart Toothbrush


The Colgate hum Kids Smart Powered Toothbrush uses augmented reality to teach kids better brushing. The Colgate kids battery powered toothbrush connects to an app that allows kids to brush with fun games while teaching them where and how to brush. The kids hum toothbrush rewards good brushing by unlocking new levels and game experiences as your child brushes. The kids powered toothbrush kit includes a vibration level just right for kids, an ergonomic handle designed for child-sized hands, and an in-app two-minute timer for thorough brushing. Finally, brushing that’s actually fun for your kids! The Colgate Hum Kids Smart battery toothbrush uses augmented reality to guide kids to better brushing by unlocking levels as they brush. The hum kids toothbrush app teaches kids where and how to brush, and helps your child establish good, lifelong brushing habits. Track your child’s progress and easily check whether your child missed a spot or an entire brushing session via the parents section.


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